A Place to Thrive
Written by Whitney Parks, Parks Evolution

You are sitting at a table in your living room. The cat keeps trying to jump on your lap. The dog whines for you to take him outside. A zipper is loudly bouncing around in the dryer. Landscapers are blowing leaves off your driveways. Your children are running around upstairs. Looming distractions exist in every direction.

Loneliness starts to set in, as thoughts go through your mind:

I wish I had someone to brainstorm with on this project idea.

I can’t think of the right word of this proposal. It would be nice if there was someone here to ask? Mr. Whiskers?

Is this lunch meeting something I can write off on my taxes?

Often times working from home is a glamorous aspect, until you actually work from home. What if there was a place nearby where you could go to work in a modern and cool office atmosphere? What if you still had the flexibility of making your own hours and coming and going as you pleased, but also had the conveniences of an office?

What if there were other entrepreneurs, independent contractors and business associates with diverse skill sets and expertise who you could collaborate with?

Oh, and snacks! A selection of tea, coffee and sodas, and the best graham crackers you’ve ever tasted?

Two Alpharetta business men, Shaun Lux and Eric John, have found this place. And you can too! Thrive is a unique coworking space located in historic downtown Alpharetta.

“I was going stir crazy working from home, talking to my dog,” said Shaun. “To find an affordable full-time solution to working outside of the house is really a magical thing.”

“I love having the opportunity to talk to people who share similar walks of life and similar pain points,” said Eric. “It’s a new level of collaboration.”

The modernized office is full of creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, independent contractors and other professionals. People who are looking for innovative places to cowork fit right in at Thrive.

While Shaun is a remote employee for a larger company and Eric owns his own business, both were not comfortable working out of their homes. Thrive has enabled them a flexible space where they can get work for their clients done efficiently and effectively.

“Thrive is really amazing because you have the opportunity to expand and grow as your business grows,” said Shaun. There are several membership opportunities available from sharing desks in the open coworking space to dedicated desks to your own office.

There are also great amenities such as 24/7 access and the use of professional conference rooms. Downtown Alpharetta is extremely walkable with local restaurants and cool coffee shops.

Coworking at Thrive is a great way to make personal and professional connections to you network while allowing you flexible opportunities to do pursue your dreams.