Guide to Good Coworking



We all hate a stinky, disgusting office refrigerator, so we designed our kitchen to have a smaller fridge space that’s meant for daytime storage. Members are welcome to use the top shelf on a first come, first served basis during the workday. Anything left in the fridge overnight will be removed the following morning.

Snacks and Drinks

Free snacks and sodas are the coolest! We want you to be able to grab a little something to help increase your energy levels and your productivity when you need it. However, we expect our members to treat our free offerings as a source of the occasional boost—and not as a substitute for shopping. Thank you for being thoughtful about your snack and drink consumption so that there’s plenty for all.


Want to help save the world? We do, too! That’s why we invite you to fill up your cup with cold filtered water from our tap or water fountain instead of regularly reaching for the water bottles in the fridge. If we save these bottles for clients, guests, and occasional member use, we can be more green and save more green, too.  Don’t worry, the water bottles are not going anywhere.  We are just trying to encourage our members to be good citizens of the earth.


Noise Level  

Please be conscious and courteous when it comes to noise levels as you work. Grabbing the occasional short phone call or having a friendly conversation? Cool. Arguing with your in-laws on speakerphone while the people around you angrily stare and put on their headphones? Not cool.

Cleaning Up

Thrive pays for a weekly deep cleaning of our space, but we also want to make sure things are as neat and tidy as possible day to day. If you make a mess, please take a moment to clean it up. We don’t want to have to put up put up one of those “Your mother doesn’t work here” signs. Please … don’t make us do that.


Even in a nearly paperless would, sometimes you need to make a hard copy of something. Members are invited to use our shared printer for the occasional small print job at no charge. If you need to print more than a few documents every month or have a large print job, we will be glad to provide additional printer access for a small fee that covers our costs. Please note that we do not add a markup on our print services, but simply pass the base costs of use and materials on to you.

Mail and Business Address Use

If you’d like to have your business mail sent to our physical address, we are glad to play postal worker and make sure small quantities of incoming mail get to you. If you have large quantities of mail or very large pieces of mail coming to our space, we will help you find a solution that works for your needs.
You may also use our physical address as your official business address; however, in order to do so, we must have a copy of your local business license on hand. The city of Alpharetta requires that we have this paperwork at our space, so please pass it along before you “move in” with us.

Last One Out Policy

If you’re the last person heading out the door, please make sure to turn off the lights, set the alarm, and lock the door.  We don’t want anyone stealing our cool stuff—or yours.

Conference room

When you book the conference room, that space becomes your space. We ask that you please take care of it by resetting the chairs and removing any trash when you’re through.
We also ask that other members refrain from using the conference room when it’s been reserved. It may look empty, but whoever reserved it has dibs on it for the full span of time they have booked. If you’d like to book time in the conference room you can check availability by clicking (HERE).  If you find a slot that works for you, email and your reservation will be registered.


Thank you so much for helping us keep Thrive running smoothly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at