Specialty Tax Firm KBKG Names John Hanning Principal

Atlanta, Georgia – January 29, 2019 – Nationwide tax specialty firm KBKG recently promoted area

resident John W. Hanning to Principal. John leads the firm’s Southeast practice, including a team of

engineers and specialists based out of the firm’s Atlanta office.

John joins nine other principals on KBKG’s leadership team. John’s primary responsibilities include

servicing capital intensive clients with value-added services relating to Cost Segregation, R&D Tax

Credits, Green Building Tax Incentives, and more. Additionally, John is a Certified Member of the

American Society of Cost Segregation Professionals (ASCSP), an organization that requires members to

adhere to a strict code of ethics and standards. Currently John severs on the ASCSP Board of Directors

as the Treasurer. John is a council member of the Washington D.C. Real Estate Roundtable group, a

non-profit organization focused on policy areas governing tax, capital and credit, environment and

energy, and homeland security. John is also a nationally-recognized author and educator, John’s work

has been featured in publications such as Accounting Today, CCH and TaxPro Today.

As an active member of the community, John frequently volunteers for organizations such as Habitat for

Humanity & Family Promise of Delaware County who are dedicated to help homeless families achieve

lasting independence.

KBKG Atlanta opened its doors in 2017, to offer a dedicated, centralized location to service new and

existing clients in the Southeast region. The office is comprised of local area natives led by John who has

partnered with the area’s businesses for years leading up to the office opening. John and his team are

also heavily involved in the area’s technology incubators, startups, and small businesses, as they

regularly attend and co-host events with Atlanta’s entrepreneurs, providing tips for increasing cashflow

when early stage businesses need it most.

“John not only cares about his role as a leader in this firm, but he is also passionately invested in Atlanta

and the surrounding region. He takes pride KBKG’s work, which shows through the partnerships he and

his team have cultivated within the technology and real estate space. They host events and offer help to

anyone in need, be it business consulting or volunteering. Atlanta is lucky to have such a champion for

their growth and success,” said Gian Pazzia, KBKG principal.

For more information about John W. Hanning and KBKG, visit KBKG.com.