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Coworking, Executive Suite Space, Virtual Offices + Meeting Rooms



Downtown Alpharetta, GA


Coworking, Executive Suite Space, Virtual Offices + Meeting Rooms



Downtown Alpharetta, GA

Workspaces designed to make the everyday extraordinary.


dedicated offices  |  meeting rooms  |  open workspaces  |  dedicated desks

Our dedicated and shared workspaces are designed for all types of professionals who are looking for a new way to work. A place where one can work connected, not alone—a professional, inspiring, collaborative, yet fun space. Through exciting, educational, and service-oriented events, our focus is to create irresistible work-environments while encouraging and fostering a sense of community among our coworking members.

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Work in Downtown Alpharetta


Whether you’re talking about the new City Center development in downtown or the mega mixed-use project that is Avalon, big things are happening in here. Downtown Alpharetta is increasingly becoming a destination—a place where people naturally want to go.  It’s a unique spot. You can take a walk in an inspiring environment, while you clear your head or percolate your ideas.  Like our downtown Milton and downtown Canton locations, there is no shortage of options for grabbing some lunch or grabbing a drink with a friend, coworker, or client. The City of Alpharetta does an excellent job at putting all kinds of family and business events, such as The Taste of Alpharetta, Food Truck Alley, Farmers Market, Live Music, and so much more!  It’s all here. You should be too.


44 Milton Ave

Alpharetta, GA 30009

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Virtual Scaling Solutions

virtual scaling solutions

Virtual Scaling Solutions

virtual scaling solutions

Welcome to the new way to grow your business!

get connected to the scalable and on-demand HELP you need to run your business, so you can focus on doing what you love.



If you are like most people, you look back at your day and wonder what you’ve actually accomplished. Focus on getting things done that move your business forward. Leave the administrative work to us:

  • CRM Management

  • Create/Edit Preferences

  • Customer Support

  • Event Planning

  • Inbox Management

  • Calendar Management

  • Travel Arrangements

  • Conduct Research

social media + marketing

The work you either never get to, or probably don’t do very well—social media and marketing. If you want to stay relevant and grow your business to its full potential, start executing all of those marketing and social media ideas you have been thinking about. Here is how we can help:

  • Upload Blog Post

  • Design + Schedule Post

  • Manage + Monitor Chanels

  • Social + Ad Campaign Mgmt.

  • Graphic Design Work

  • Marketing Material Creation

  • Ad Campaign Reporting

  • Create Email Campaigns




If you don’t understand your finances, then you don’t understand your business. Stay on top of your bottom line, so you can more quickly see opportunity, anticipate challenges, and make more informed business decisions:

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Cash Flow Statements

  • Bank Reconciliation

  • Payroll Services

  • Reporting

coming soon: strategic relationship management

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is a time-tested adage for a reason. In business, your relationships can be your most valuable assets. However, most of us just let those relationships depreciate to the point where they hold diminutive utility. Stay engaged and relevant to those who matter most. Let us do the work.

Perks of Coworking & Executive Suite Membership


Perks of Coworking & Executive Suite Membership


No more coffee juggling...


And no more waiting in line for a cup of joe.  We offer a whole lot more than just a great work space...



Have Fun | Learn Something | get connected

Some of our events can make you feel like a kid again.  Others provide educational opportunities, giving you the understanding, ideas and inspiration to move your business forward.  Whether it is a game of kickball or a workshop on using social media to grow your business you will probably have fun, learn something and get connected.


it's the simple things in life...

  • Free tea, soda, chocolate and other refreshments

  • Fresh fruit

  • On site coffee shop + pasteries from Valor Coffee

  • Popcorn, cliff bars, crackers etc...

  • Baked goods of all sorts







Our program partner in mentorship, events, investment & community...

Our programmatic partnership with IgniteHQ brings you exclusive access to expert mentorship, interested investment, local entrepreneurial events and an expanded  innovation community. As an additional perk of our collaboration, Thrive members can secure event and meeting space at IgniteHQ in Marietta Square for a deeply discounted rate.


  • Thrive members can meet once a year with IgniteHQ’s ecosystem of mentors, Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and investors.

  • Exclusive access to IgniteHQ’s networking and educational events

  • Use of event space and meeting rooms at IgniteHQ’s Marietta facility for a 25% discounted rate

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Mission + Pricing

mission + pricing

Mission + Pricing

mission + pricing

We exist to do good, and to inspire others to do the same.

Starting with the launch of our new location this summer, working at Thrive gives you the opportunity to contribute all of the profits generated from your membership to any of the below 3 initiatives.  

grow our impact

The more spaces we have the bigger impact we can make.  Contributing here helps us develop and grow new spaces.

give Back

Make a difference in your community by allocating membership profits to our youth and education based service partners.  Our current non profit partner is Flood Student Missions.


Inspire other businesses

We believe that a more altruistic approach to business actually yields the greatest benefits; a true prosperity.  Not just for the entity, but for its employees, its leadership, its community, its customers and its shareholders.  Allocating membership profits here compensates the founders of Thrive.  These dollars will validate our giving first approach to business, showing them that you can do good and do well for yourself at the same time.  It is our hope that in doing so we will inspire other business owners to take a similar approach.  






Who's Who @ Thrive


Building community is not just some catch phrase we use because it sounds good.  We really are intentional about building a community at our spaces.  Thrive is not just a place to work, it's a place where people come to work together.  Below are just some of the people and companies that make this place great.


Daniel Burnett

Founder - THRIVE | Coworking

Stefanie Diaz

Founder - Mastermind Your Launch

Doug Maschoff

Founder - Meshwork

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 9.19.22 AM.png

Cindy Billington

Founder - Cinderella's Tutoring

Ben Habeck

Founder - Dime Business Services

Allison Boyd

Founder - Metro Music Makers

Daniel Walters, MA

Founder - Daniel Walters Counseling

Mariah Helm

Senior Implementation Manager - Accord Systems

Business Picture.jpg

Ramon G

Founder - THRIVE | Coworking

Elizabeth Duruz

Clinical Operations Pharmacist - BIORX

Don Friedman

Founder - JV Events Group

Shaun Lux

Business Analysis Manager - Paylocity

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 10.07.37 AM.png

Eric J

Founder - ECJ Tax + Fin. Services

Tatiana Jimenez

Founder - The Genius Spot