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Ever read a story on a competitor or seen a top 10 list online and wondered, “how do I get my name there?” Public relations (PR) is, at its simplest, is your business’ relationship to the wider world and to the media. While many small-, mid- and large-sized companies need dedicated PR reps, many solopreneurs and small businesses can land press themselves after learning how and when to reach media. And the best part? PR is 90% more effective than advertising, according to a 2014 Nielsen report.

In this workshop, we’ll go “behind the scenes” to learn how journalists and bloggers locate and craft stories, and the steps you can take to land press for yourself and your business.

You’ll learn: How to leverage planning and online resources to reach writers, bloggers, producers and editors.

This is a need-to-know for: Anyone interested in attracting a wider audience for their stories, business and products.

You’ll walk away with: Concrete steps and tips on how to win press for your business year-round.