• IgniteHQ (map)
  • 57 Waddell Street
  • Marietta, Ga 30060

Hosted by our Community Parter, IgniteHQ:

To grow our business or career, we will have to promote something – our business or ourselves. For most of us, this reality is intimidating. We don’t believe we have the charisma to be a salesperson or the knowledge to be a marketer. Fortunately, charm and technical knowledge are rarely wants stands in the way of us growing our network or business. There are three not-so-secret ingredients that will immediately improve the way you communicate what you do – strategy, service, and story. As with any good meal, you need more than a list of ingredients; you need a recipe to share how and when to use them. During this presentation, you’ll discover a recipe for properly applying strategy, service and story to your communications and interactions. As a result, you’ll be more effective, more often and make your marketing hit the mark every time.

Speaker is Kevin Jennings, Business and Brand Strategist