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The life of a professional and entrepreneur is filled with excitement, passion and purpose.  Although sometimes there can be added stress, anxiety, and overwhelm from continuous hard-work. A growing trend among entrepreneurs and corporate companies is the daily practice of Mindfulness Meditation. Many successful entrepreneurs have relied on meditation for getting grounded and connected in this busy world.

Mindfulness Meditation is a great tool to help transform stress and create greater joy in your work day and in your daily life. I am excited to share with you the tools I have learned and used over the years to grow my business and meditation practice. These simple and easy techniques help you get out of your mind and into the heart of your business, goals and success.  I invite you to a new meditation experience, while learning how it can impact your success and bring balance to your life.

Meditation for Success Class Includes:

1. The powerful benefits of meditation for your body, mind, and business.
2. Tips and tools to start a meditation practice.
3. A guided meditation to calm the mind and release stress.
4. Question and answer session.
5. 45-minute class, $15 per person.

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