The Power of Business Modeling and Forecasting for Your Business

An overview of how you can use business modeling and forecasting to-increase profitability-better predict your business's future-make better business decisions-more efficient use of your time-raise capital-secure bank loans-sell your business for a higher multiple-start new businesses or business lines more successfully-roll-up businesses.


Ken Callaham | Co-Founder

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Before Hook Data, Ken was a Co-Founder of Universal Data Consultants (UDC), a systems integration company, which he helped, grow to over 200 employees and $100 Million in revenue, before a successful sale of the company to GE Capital.  Since that time Ken has started, invested in or consulted with numerous companies.   Ken's expertise is in improving business profitability by understanding the businesses and developing unique and powerful modeling and forecasting tools. 

Mike Moss | Co-Founder Hook Data

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Before Hook Data, Mike was a Co-Founder of ExecuTrain Corporation which was in the software training business.  Mike helped grow ExecuTrain to 225 franchise locations in 27 countries before a sale of the company to International Data Group, the #1 tech media company in the world.