By Abigail Sykes

  1. Make Purposeful Connections

    One of the great benefits of working in a coworking space is the other people around you. So? Connect!

    Meet people from all kinds of industries — they can help you, and you can help them.

  2. Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

    Because you will be meeting so many people in a coworking setting, you don’t want to be floundering to explain what you do. Come up with a summary of your job description that you could share in the span of an elevator ride. Easier for you to say, and easier for others to remember!

  3. Take Advantage of Amenities

    Who doesn’t love snacks? Not only does eating snacks and keeping a drink near you while working help keep you focused & alert, but taking advantage of free snacks and drinks at your coworking space helps you feel at home and comfortable in the space. This is your office — take ownership of it!

  4. Make Use of Business Cards

    Always keep a few business cards on you; as you meet people, you don’t want them to forget who you are. Having a business card on hand can be the difference between a forgotten interaction and future business.

    Many coworking spaces even let members leave business cards out — take advantage for another opportunity to get the most from your coworking space.

  5. Ask the Community Manager Questions

    The chief goal of a Community Manager is to take care of the Coworking Members, so if you need anything, have any questions, have a suggestion of how the space could be even better, they would love to hear it and help! They want you to feel at home in the space, so your input is vital.