By Abigail Sykes

THRIVE Coworking, a coworking and office space for business owners, professionals and startups in Metro Atlanta, has announced its plans to open a new location at 10 Roswell Street in downtown Alpharetta later this year. The new property will be located directly next to their current 44 Milton Avenue location.

The two Alpharetta THRIVE locations will be identified as Alpharetta East (44 Milton) and Alpharetta West (10 Roswell). Though the two Alpharetta locations will not be physically connected, THRIVE members will be able to use the two adjacent locations for a campus effect. Members will be able to enjoy the full amenities of each location, which will include, though not be limited to, Valor Coffee, startup-centric resources, member-focused events, meeting spaces, offices, shared coworking space, events, snacks and Minnie Olivia Pizzeria, which will be housed in the front side of the lower level.

Occupying the entire top floor and half of the bottom floor, Alpharetta West will fill approximately 14,000 square feet, more than doubling THRIVE’s footprint in downtown. Though facing a large space to fill, the company’s fifth location has already been met with high demand — most of the office space is already leased. “Alpharetta has been great to us. It’s really been exceptional how well received we’ve been here,” says THRIVE founder, Ramon Gonzalez. “We really suspect that this next location will be at least as successful as the first one.”

Matthew Thomas, Alpharetta’s Economic Development Manager, observes that “since its establishment in Alpharetta, [THRIVE] has sort of grown with Alpharetta.” As the city continues to develop, Thomas hope that “Alpharetta remains a top notch destination for companies to grow and do business — THRIVE helps to accomplish that goal.”

THRIVE is eager to pour back into the community that has fostered its growth. Developer Bob Rothman, who is working with THRIVE to renovate the property, says THRIVE’s “vision for coworking in Alpharetta will bring a tremendous number of opportunities to the city.” The opportunities that THRIVE will bring to the city are a reflection of the opportunities that the city has given THRIVE. “It’s a no brainer for us to continue our commitment to growing and expanding in Alpharetta,” Gonzalez says.