By Abigail Sykes

So summer’s over, the kids are back at school, vacation is in the rear view mirror and it’s time to buckle up and focus back on work. 

We have some tips on how to make the most of this fall season for your business, no matter what your role!


As the year winds down, it’s time for you to wind up. Take this time to network; building strong, new relationships during this season can make all the difference for the following year. Find local events that will help you meet new people, from fall festivals to business-networking specific events.

Coworking is also a great option for the freelancer without an office. Work from home? Join a coworking space for greater productivity and to meet all kinds of new people that are in the same community as you. Building those relationships and clientele now is key to growing your residual income for the following year.

Business Owner

You’ve grown your business, and now you don’t want to grow complacent. Take this fall season to step back and figure out your budgets and plans for the following year in order to continue that growth. You may have heard something along the lines of, “make sure you have your budget and your plans done before you put the turkey in the oven.” While the AC is still running and the sun still beating, it may be difficult to think forward to next year’s plans, but before Thanksgiving is the time to get it done. Spend this time to decide if you need to find better talent, scale your business, grow into new office space or get out of your current yearly lease. Is it time for a more flexible option like coworking? Give next-year-you a leg up by making these decisions now.


Give your employees a fun place to work! This fall, think of activities to increase productivity, from events, to work lunches, to happy hours, don’t let your employees reach burnout. Do some or all of your employees work solely on their computers?  Give them the opportunity to work in different spaces! Offer your employees a stipend to join a coworking space. You’ll save money on office space, overhead, upkeep, and your employees will be better employees because of it. Harvard Business Review reports that people who use coworking spaces find their jobs more meaningful, they have more job control and they are part of a community, all of which contribute to their overall productiveness. Why not give it a shot?