Who's Who @ Thrive...

Building community is not just some catch phrase we use because it sounds good.  We really are intentional about building a community at our spaces.  Thrive is not just a place to work, it's a place where people come to work together.  

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Ramon Gonzalez

THRIVE | Coworking - Founder & fellow member

My personal world consist of a wonderful wife of 10 years and 3 children that are the drumbeat of my heart.  Professionally, I have spent most of my time either investing in, developing or managing real estate.  I am now focused on making Thrive the best place in the world to work.

Elizabeth Duruz

Diplomat specialty infusion group

support pharmacist

Professionally: Currently working in a supporting role writing policies and procedures, providing companywide training on pharmacy software, publish internal training manual, create/publish internal company newsletter, and create/lead the patient adherence program.

Personally: Living in Cumming with my husband Carl, 2 children 14 and 4, and 3 dogs. Love hiking, scrapbooking, and wine, but am currently studying to become a board certified specialty pharmacist, so there is very little free time for my hobbies. 

Taurance Washington

Bol deals - ceo

Finding the perfect gift is always at Bol-Deals

Taurance Washington holds a Bachelors Degree from DeVry University and is currently the CEO and Website Designer for an awesome online shopping company. He spends most of his time in the network cloud and love to eat vegetables. Taurance has a young son who is following in his father’s footsteps. Taurance is married to a wonderful wife who is also the CEO and Financial Planner for their company. Taurance has been in the technology arena since Cobol, so just call him the dinosaur of technology.

Ben Habeck

Dime - founder

My life basically revolves around my amazing wife (Audrey) and my two amazing kids (Asher and Laney). Beyond that, I love people, business, entrepreneurship, technology, golf, massive beards, and freshly roasted coffee. I'll admit, I love reality TV and Sunday afternoon Golf on TV... and I hate watching Football and Basketball!

Near the end of 2007, I realized that I had some unique professional experience with Churches, Musicians and Companies and I was looking for a way to maximize my ability to Love, Serve and Empower people. This is when I launched Dime. Dime is a professional services company with customers in over 30 states.  We provide Accounting, Tax, Insurance, IT, Real Estate and Creative services to Churches & non-Profits, Musicians and small businesses.  http://www.dime.is 


Stefanie Diaz Headshot-2.png

Stefanie Diaz

WoE (women only entrepreneurs - founder 

I am a community builder, speaker, and personal brand maven specializing in empowering entrepreneurs. With over a decade of experience providing marketing strategy to companies spanning pre-launch to over $100 million in annual revenue, my insights have been sought out by startups, serial entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists. Today, my passion is working with emerging female founders and leaders as they claim their unique voice in the business world.

Inspired to deliver an Ellen meets Oprah concept for entrepreneurial women, I launched W.O.E. {Women Only Entrepreneurs} on April 25th, 2017 at The Wimbish House in Midtown Atlanta. With glowing reception, what began as an event quickly evolved into the powerful WOE tribe that exists today.

Prior to W.O.E., I spent two and a half years sharing my insights and compelling stories from Atlanta entrepreneurs as Host of the Mastermind Your Launch Podcast which generated over 130,000 unique listeners per episode and created more than 100 shows. 

Recently named an Atlanta Startup Wonder Woman by Hypepotamus, my impact on the Atlanta entrepreneurial community goes beyond W.O.E. and the personal brand strategy work I do with my clients. I am a Community Organizer for 1 Million Cups Atlanta, Board Member for TAG’s Diversity and Inclusion Society, and a 2-time mentor at Techsquare Labs’ Atlanta Startup Battle.

For more information on the work that I do visit thestefaniediaz.com.

Kathy Berardi.jpeg

Kathy Berardi

carabiner communications    B2B PR & Digital Marketer

Professionally: Works as Director of New Media at Carabiner Communications, a local agency helping drive B2B sales with the right mix of marketing, PR, content development and lead generation.  Kathy also side-hustles as a film producer and instructor in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Personally: Mom to one young girl boss + entrepreneur-in-training, Kathy is a long-time resident of Alpharetta and focuses her non-work hours on all things involving family fun, LifeTime Fitness + positive living.


Ghost Partner team pic  MAR18.png

Ghost Partner

Atlanta Content Marketing Agency

Yes, we write content for companies.

But there’s much more to it than that. We invest the time to build ongoing relationships with our clients. You’ll notice right away that we are committed to understanding your business, your goals, and your unique voice. And we actively stay in touch. Why? One reason: to craft excellent content for your organization.

Good content builds new relationships and strengthens existing ones. Good content talks to your current clients and brings in the Big 3: repeat business, additional business, and referrals. Current clients are more likely to keep continue buying from you, purchase additional products or services, and refer business to you. Good content also makes your website sticky and keeps prospects on your site longer. Good content is exactly what social media needs to be effective. Good content enjoys a high ROI. Good content is what Ghost Partner does best.


Becky Berry 

Becky Berry Career Coaching - owner

Becky is a career coach (surprise!) who helps women stage their career comebacks. She primarily works with women from 35-60 years old who come to her for a variety of reasons. Many retain her for guidance as they decide to re-enter the workforce after years dedicated
to building their families.

Professional women (6 figures+) hire her for direction and support as they level up their careers.

Business owners contract with her to level up their own skills, learn how to help their employees capitalize on their skills, and define how they want to grow their company culture.

Startups in Alpharetta and Atlanta work with Becky to get their dreams off the ground.

Her clients quickly figure out that if they even mention wanting to start their own businesses, they’re going to leave their coaching engagement with a starter business plan in place.

Becky runs 2 Bootcamps: Career Bootcamp, for women staging their comebacks and Bootcamp 2.0 for
professional women exploring new ways to deploy their skills and up their game at work.

And she runs a Meetup group in Alpharetta for women in transition: Next Chapter for Women
(https://www.meetup.com/Next-Chapter- for-Women/).


Daniel Burnett


Daniel travels, learns, serves and builds for fun.  He spends his time working on Thrive and various projects for the church and business, as well as time with his soon-to-be-wife and small dog.


Don Friedman

Joint Venture Events Group - Founder & CEO

Don has spent the last 13 years creating and producing “first-of-its-kind”, buyside investor-focused finance conferences, webinars and roadshows as well as running a conference company.  

Don is a lifelong "Wildcat" having received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Arizona.  Don is also an avid runner, with three marathons to his credit and has skydived once.

Daniel Walters MA, LAPC

Daniel walters counseling - founder

Professionally: Typically I work with teens and tweens 12-19 and young adults 20-30 who are experiencing some form of depression, anxiety, social anxiety, school related trouble or grief. I like to help remove barriers for growth and also work together with my client to overcome their fears. I like to be real and down to earth.

I specialize in working with young males and think that there is an urgent need for male counselors to work with young men. I am currently working under the direction of Tara Towler, LPC, NCC.

I work exclusively with teens and young adults and tailor my practice to create safe environments. I feel as though social isolation is a key component in depression, especially among teens because of the struggle to find their identity. 

Daniel currently works under the direction of Tara Towler, MA, LPC. For more information on Tara Towler click here. (http://www.towler-counseling.com/)

Personally: I am married to my amazing wife, Katie and enjoy taking care of our 2 kids. I love NBA basketball, the Atlanta Hawks, cooking barbecue and drinking too much coffee.

Mariah Helm

Accord Systems - Senior Implementation manager

I really don’t know that to say about me.  I’m super friendly, I’m a Whovian, if you don’t know what that means, you are exterminated! straightens bowtie. I love my job, I am a self-proclaimed data geek. I’m artsy and proud to be a former kickball player & division winner of the WAKA Kickball league and 2nd place winner of the 2006 Backyard Redneck Olympics, but the best title I have ever been given, besides Mrs. Helm, is mother. I am a new mom of an amazing, happy boy named Oakley aka Bear, who changed me forever. I’m also a stepmother to two amazing kiddos, Hannah and Max. I feel blessed in so many ways, from having a great job, that doesn’t feel like work, to my beautiful family.  

Eric John 

ecj tax + financial services - founder

In a city full of skyscrapers Eric John began his career as a CPA in NYC.  After several years of helping clients increase their overall net worth both from a financial and non-financial perspective, he embarked on a new mission in the Peach state where he and his teammates continue to build financial and non-financial wealth for their clients through tax strategy, tax planning and the creation of a cement process vs a straw foundation.  Our team power comes from our CHIC – ness, which for us stands for: C – Character
H – Honesty
I – Integrity
C – Customer Service

On a personal note, Eric has two wonderful children and a beautiful queen that has been by his side for many years.


Carol Fowler


After a 20 year career in technology sales, I transitioned into recruiting technology sales people and leadership - it is a perfect new role and I love it!  I joined a small firm that has 20 years of experience, fittingly named "Sales Talent Group".  There are 6 of us and we have a grand time, including fun outings with our significant others.  I'm the one with the white arrow over her head!

My husband and I just celebrated 30 years of marriage with a wonderful trip to Italy and enjoy our 3 adult daughters who are 22, 25 and 27 and just recently all landed back in the great state of Georgia.

After working from home for over 10 years, I'm excited to leave the puppy at home and get some focused time and THRIVE!


Mark Goodman

70x7                                         Founder

My mission is based around the freedom found in forgiveness to break free from the bonds of bitterness and personal pain. My personal story has taken me from an abusive home life, to being homeless on the streets of LA, to being CTO of a publicly-traded telecom, and traveling around the world including being a personal guest in the palace in the UAE. Yes, I’ve dined with kings and dined out of dumpsters. Through this journey I benefited in the freedom of forgiveness, and now I leverage that knowledge and experience to help others.                      This past year I founded 70x7, a faith-based nonprofit based around providing a destination point for people hanging on to pain, shame and blame from a past hurt to help them on their path to forgiveness. Projects that I’m working on at Thrive in order to help others in need include a full-featured movie, documentary, book and small group curriculum plus multiple speaking engagements.  More about all of this can be found at 70x7.org.



Truth & Co.

With a love for interior design and renovation that helps bring a family together, Anisa & Casey began Truth & Co. in 2015.
From renovations to new construction, decorating to designing spaces, the Darnell's + their 7 member team, love helping their clients meet their "big picture" needs that fit their families the best.  Their projects range from lake homes to beach homes to projects all over greater Atlanta area with plans of launching a 2nd branch in Franklin, TN by 2019.                                                        Anisa and Casey live in the Roswell area with their 4 daughters and are big fans of family dance parties, living room concerts, bike riding and most importantly... attempting the perfect cup of coffee.  Check them out at www.TruthAndCo.co  +  Instagram.com/TruthAndCompany 



Dr. Brad Bongiovanni

wholistic medicine specialists of atlanta  founder & medical director

"Dr. B" as his patients call him, is a licensed, board-certified Naturopathic Physician with an extraordinary background.  He directs a practice style that incorporates conventional Naturopathic medicine with wellness curriculum programs focused on helping patients implement a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Bongiovanni and his team are famous for utilizing innovative laboratory and genomic assessments with cutting-edge natural medicines to biohack the stress axis and help patients, athletes and executives improve their health and performance.

In 2016, he was invited to present at Harvard on nutritional psychiatry as well as an invited lecturer at the 2017 International Congress on Naturopathic Medicine in London and the 2017 Naturopathic Physician Annual Conference in Phoenix on the topics of mindfulness and HPA axis dysfunction, and the biology of social connection, respectively.  He is a regular television and online media contributor nationally, having made regular media appearances on FOX, ABC, and NBC affiliates as well as CNN.

He is married to his besty, Leigh Anne, and share 2 kids, 2 dogs, 1 hamster, and 1 bearded dragon.  Dr. B is an avid football fan, helps coach his son's baseball and football teams, and enjoys the antioxidant benefits of dark coffee quite frequently!




Doug Maschoff.jpg

Doug Maschoff

Unemployed - CEO

The details of my life are quite inconsequential... very well, where do I begin? My father was a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. My mother was a fifteen year old French prostitute named Chloe with webbed feet. My father would womanize, he would drink. He would make outrageous claims like he invented the question mark. Sometimes he would accuse chestnuts of being lazy. The sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament. My childhood was typical. Summers in Rangoon, luge lessons. In the spring we'd make meat helmets. When I was insolent I was placed in a burlap bag and beaten with reeds- pretty standard really.

But seriously, I'm starting a software company.  It doesn't have a name yet. It's kind of like a stealth fighter jet. That can't fly. I'll probably be famous. Or homeless. See you around!

Shaun Lux.jpg

Shaun Lux


I am currently the Business Analyst Manager for Paylocity, a cloud-based payroll and human capital management firm. I am an experienced technology professional that specializes in integrating Paylocity services with vendors through custom software development. My goal is to strengthen our ties with new and existing vendors while providing increased value to our clients.

I moved to Atlanta about 5 years ago from New York in search of warmer weather and have since fully embraced the southern lifestyle. I live in Alpharetta with my wife, Jennifer and son, Shaun Jeffrey.

Allison Boyd Headshot.jpg

Allison Boyd 

metro music makers - founder

Allison also was a one-time snake handler (a long story involving removing a baby snake from her house that turned out to be a copperhead!) and a one-time opera singer, (I Pagliacci) in 1991). She and her husband David have an adorable young son, Elliott, who began music classes at the age of six months. Elliott loves strumming the family’s guitars and playing the piano keys.  Want to know more?  Take a look at my bio on our website (bio).

Josh Rush 

echelon design - vp of sales + marketing

Josh Rush is a partner and vice president of Chicago-based Echelon Design, Inc. --- an award-winning team of exhibit designers, producers, and engineers. He leads a team of creative and passionate people helping companies build better brands for nearly 30 years, by telling their stories. He’s part visionary, part creative director, and 100% client-focused. 

Josh is also executive producer of 12 for 12 an original docuseries that explores cool brands in Chicago and what makes them unique, successful and compelling. The show is a fun, 12-minute look inside the extrinsic and intrinsic qualities that make successful brands and better consumer products. He's planning to begin production of Season 2 in Atlanta in early 2017. 

Cinderella Billington

cinderella's tutoring  - FOUNDER

I started college in 1994 at New Mexico State University with a full academic scholarship. But soon life intervened and I decided to focus on raising and supporting my wonderful daughter Lydia. She has now given my a beautiful granddaughter Aurora, who is the smartest and cutest two year old girl on earth. I am willing to admit that I might be just a little bit prejudiced. During the interim years I had a successful career as a real estate legal secretary which I enjoyed immensely while never giving up on my dream to finish college. In 2010 the stars aligned and I was given the opportunity to continue my undergraduate studies at Agnes Scott College, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2013 with a Bachelors of Science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and being selected for membership in Phi Beta Kappa, a prestigious national honor society. 

Throughout my college years I thoroughly enjoyed tutoring classmates in wide variety of math and science courses. I worked as an official tutor for the college math department and biology department, but also constantly arranged study groups and tutored individual students on my own. I have been tutoring high school students for the past year and have never enjoyed work as much as I do now.

"Passion. Personality. Results." is my tagline. Learning about how things work in the world around us is so much fun, but that is so easy to forget in the tedium of reading textbooks and doing homework. Incorporating animated videos, relating concepts to familiar examples from everyday life, and using funny word associations are just some of the tactics I employ to make study more playful and enjoyable as well as memorable. Breaking down the problem solving and critical thinking process is another major focus of my teaching style. Taking the information taught in the classroom and using it to relate different things together, extract the most important ideas, or apply it to solve any number of thinking problems is one of the major challenges students face. Working through these type of problems while also clearly identifying the steps of the reasoning process builds each student's ability to approach problem solving with confidence. Drawing on both years of tutoring experience and success in my own studies I focus on identifying the strategies that work for each individual student so that they can not only blossom to their full potential, but also experience some of the joy of pursuing learning for the sake of curiosity and awe.

I would love to help your high school or middle school student

Kimberly Scales

flood student community missions - FOUNDER and executive director

Kimberly is an Atlanta native who loves the city she grew up in. She received a BA from Berry College in Rome, GA and her Masters of Education from West Georgia. After working many years in youth service and youth leadership with schools, non-profit organizations, and local governments, Kimberly is now the Executive Director for flood, which she founded in 2007. Watching students serve is Kimberly’s passion as she as witnessed time and time again the amazing things that take place in the heart of a student when they give back to those less fortunate. Kimberly attends Passion City church where she is a door-holder for Project Supply and loves to hike with her dog, work in the yard, and spend time in local antique stores. Kimberly resides in Alpharetta with her husband of 21 years and her two children, Alex, 18 and Amelia, 16.


John Hanning

KBKG                          DIRECTOR

John joined KBKG in 2015 as a Fixed Assets / Cost Segregation / Accounting Methods Director. Johns’ responsibilities include servicing capital intensive clients with value-added services relating to cost segregation, fixed asset reviews, repair & expense studies, and 263(a) compliance. He provides nationwide solutions to our industry with a primary focus on the Midwest and Southeast regions. John received his Bachelors in Economics Management from Ohio Wesleyan University and graduated with his MBA from Ohio University. John is a certified member of ASCSP American Society of Cost Segregation Professionals and holds his LEED Green Association credential.  John lives in Milton with his wife Olivia and 3 kids Ocean (6), Kingston (4), and Breckon (2).  When John’s not in the office I’m on the course or chasing babies.